20th EG/VGTC Conference on Visualization, 4.-8. June 2018, Brno, Czech Republic

Fast Forward

The Fast Forward session will take place on Tuesday, June 5th 2018. At least one author of each paper (full papers, short papers, STARs, and posters) will be presenting a 35-second preview of the content.

We ask authors to prepare a single 35-seconds movie with the following content:

  • First 5 seconds: paper title, using the provided PowerPoint template. This slide will show the paper title, author names, and affiliations. Use of this template is mandatory. Please do not modify the layout.
  • Next 30 seconds: a full-screen movie to advertise the paper. If this part of the movie shows static content, use of the PowerPoint template is recommended.

We encourage authors to make the movie as captivating as possible in order to attract the audience to their presentation. Be creative!

We will collect all the individual movies for all the papers and assemble them into a single movie. We will strictly enforce the guidelines below.

Formatting Guidelines

The video file should be encoded in H264 and embedded in MP4 (do NOT use QuickTime .mov or other formats). We will be screening at 720p (1280×720 px, aspect ratio 16:9). Please optimize your video for these projector settings.

The first 5 seconds of the movie must show the title slide, using the provided PowerPoint template. Please add the title of your paper and the list of authors with their affiliation. Do not put day/session information. We will overlay the session information later on. During the Fast Forward session, the 5 seconds showing the title slides will be used for switching speakers.

The next 30 seconds can show either still images or fully animated movies. Audio is welcome. If you use audio in your movies, please have it encoded in AAC format.

Suggested Workflow

A simple option for creating the requested movie is to extend the provided PowerPoint template with the desired slides/animations. You can also embed your own movies. You can then set time intervals for the slides (5 seconds +30 seconds) and finally save as MP4 movie.


Submit your Fast Forward materials directly to the Fast Forward organizers at ff@eurovis2018.org until May 11th 2018.

Submit one e-mail for each paper using the subject EUROVIS: ‹ track › ‹ title › . Replace ‹ track › by FP (full paper), SP (short paper), STAR (state-of-the-art) or POS (posters).

For submissions larger than 5 MB in size, please send us a link to your movie.


Please contact the Fast Forward organizers at ff@eurovis2018.org if you have any further questions. If you are unable to attend the Fast Forward, please let us know as soon as possible.